Changing your decor without to much hassle!

Summer is just around the corner and you want to brighten up your space without having to completely renovate the room. We have some top tips for what you could do to bring that summery vibe to your home. It can be as simple as changing the cushion covers on the sofa, placing some indoor plants around the room or hanging some new curtains.

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There isn't anything more satisfying than buying new cushions/cushion covers. You can easily change the look of a space by adding some new home accessories of a different colour or pattern.

If you love a pop of colour throughout your home, we suggest trying out some large prints including a mix of muted and vibrant colours.

One of our best selling fabric collections is the Emma Shipley X Clarke & Clarke Collaboration. There are 2 collections, of which we stock both of in our shop, supplying a huge variety of fabrics and wallpapers with amazing prints and colours. These look absolutely brilliant when used for cushion covers, giving a great quirky feel to a room. All you need is 1 or two of these fabulous cushions, mixed with some velvet scatter or oblong cushions in contrasting colours and it has already made a difference to the room.

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Although we love the previous look, not everyone is into the bold patterns and garish colours. Maybe your home is more neutral and subtle and your looking to add some little changes to make your space feel more bright and fresh. Adding some crisp white curtains with soft, pale fabrics could be the best thing for your home or picking out those dreamy stone colours for accessories and mixing it with some sheer curtains to get the light and air into your space.These little finishing touches to a room will create an open and clean feel without having to completely rearrange your decor.

We hope you enjoyed reading our post.

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