Introducting the flower diffusers created by The Candle Brand, Norfolk.


Completely new to the market, this clever combination of reeds and cotton rope flowers diffuse a strong and lasting scent through their petals. Beautifully packaged together in a kraft style box ready to present as the perfect gift.

Each flower is delicate and unique, carefully handmade from thin slices of sola wood. The cotton rope flowers quickly absorb the fragrance, and become saturated in your chosen scent providing a strong aroma. The Reed flowers continue to provide aroma stability by gradually drawing the scent through each reed, and diffusing through each petal.

Aprox 110ml lasting 2-3 months.

THE FLOWER DIFFUSER - Lily with White Rose

  • Unlike standard reed diffusers you do not need to turn your reeds. This is because the scent continues to diffuse through each flower.

    Please note the following pre cautionary measures.
    - Keep out of reach of children.

    - The fragrance oil may damage fabrics, polished or painted surfaces, so don’t allow it to come into contact with these. Put your diffuser on a coaster and remember that each flower is also saturated with oil.

    - Do not consume. Use only as directed.

    - Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

    - Wash hands and exposed skin after handling. If in eyes rince cautiously with water for several minutes.

  • The paper labels on these diffusers have been embedded with the seeds of wild flowers. The paper is handmade and not pressed in the same way as traditional paper this is to avoid crushing of the seeds. The seeds have a germination rate of 85% and you can expect to see flowers such as pink and red poppies, Common Daisy, Gloriosa Daisy, Black eyed susan, Annual and Perennial Wildflower mixes. See instructions below on how to plant your label. 



    1. Soak the seeded paper in water for atleast 12 hours so that the sweeds swell for germination.

    2. Cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist until the seedlings are established. Spray daily and handle with care.

    3. Germination time is usually 7-10 days. Success rate is 85% as with any seeded packets. Best planted in late spring to early summer, and best survival rate is when grown indoors.

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